For over 25 years I have asked myself what is it that allows some recruiters to do so well while others flounder and end up just squeezing by. Some end up billing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year while others live hand to mouth and often leave before the party actually begins.

Since my first year as a recruiter working for Management Recruiters International where I was the National Rookie of the Year, I have asked myself and others the hows and whys of what it takes to be classified as a Big Biller. To be in the top 2% of the recruiting business billing (and earning) over $500,000 per year. In searching for that answer I attended seminars, webinars, and training after training. I joined (and founded) organizations and groups seeking the answer, what I thought must be a secret or some unknown formula, where so few do so much.

I ended up talking, and eventually interviewing over 60 of the top recruiters worldwide which over time evolved into two books, LinkedIn For Recruiting published by Happy About and Big Biller, an audio book. Last year I started preparing for my 3rd book documenting the many changes taking place in recruitment including technologies, demographics, culture, business practices and more by having a dialog and interviewing today’s Big Billers, the leading trainers and leaders and found out that the basics of recruiting were still the same. A great candidate, a solid job order and a mutual sense of urgency always spelled success but the mechanics of how that took place changed. New tools, technologies, techniques, tactics, and strategies have changed the formula that has existed for the last 50 years into a new model. After months of focused research on top of over 25 years as a Big Biller myself, I launched Big Biller Coaching.

Time and time again the Big Billers and others I spoke with talked about how their approach is built on the basics, but the execution has changed and as I listened and learned it became clear that successful recruiting is now a model built on the basics of the business as they have existed but impacted by new tools, techniques, and tactics. I found that Recruiters are always looking for what it takes to become a Big Biller, somebody who ranks in the top 2% of the recruiting industry. A recruiter who year after year bills in the mid six figures and beyond. Big Billers may look different, act different and work different but they all hold true to basic truths – and understand how to use the tools, techniques, and tactics that separate them from the also-rans. I have a mission and that mission is to help good recruiters to become great recruiters, to become Big Billers, by understanding and putting into practice this new model. What I am calling the Big Biller Model. Once you have learned, absorbed, implemented and practice this new way of doing business, this Big Biller Model, you too will taste the success you are pursuing.

I love recruiting. I love the process, the business and the people in it. Recruiting changes lives and businesses. It’s the greatest job on the face of the planet and how lucky we all are to be part of it.

If you’ll think of Recruiting as a game, the best games are those where all the players win. Same with Recruiting. Your client ends up with a new hire, the candidate with a new position and you with a fee and a relationship with all the parties to the process. Winning starts with setting expectations, outlining the rules of play and acting as both the coach and referee to the process. A Big Biller controls each step of the recruiting process so all the players win. My role is to walk with you in becoming a Big Biller. It’s more than the process of doing the right thing in the right way and as your coach, I will help guide you In taking the right steps. The first step you will need to take is the realization that success in recruiting, as in many things in life, is replacing bad habits with good habits. Once you have clearly identified the bad habits, have adopted, implemented and practice the good habits, your success is all but guaranteed.

The Big Biller Coaching process is simple but like all paths to success requires hard work. We will work together for one year. Our first step is an in-depth one to one conversation analyzing what you do,  what you want to do and what is the course or plan that will take you there. Being a Big Biller is not based on just calls or transaction but is much more. Yes, call activity is important but simply grinding out 100 calls a day delivering a planned presentation day after day can bring you placements it will never launch you into the Big Biller ranks.

After our analysis and setting goals session we will talk on a weekly basis for 90 days. One week will be focused on mastering a technique, idea or method and the next on its execution. Our first month is spent putting the tools in place, the second month in mastering the techniques and methods and our third in developing the tactics, strategies methods learned from months one and two. We will track your activities, success, and methods daily and at the end of our three-month intensive, we will have a planned follow-up call each month fine tuning your progress and success.

Please understand – this is not some kind of quick fix or magic button to bring instant success. It’s hard disciplined work. It is learning, adapting and using proven tools, technologies and tactics to become a Big Biller. You’ll replace bad habits with new ones and be exposed to new life-changing ideas. It truly is a life changing transformation and one that will require commitment, discipline and focus on implementing. If you’re ready to discuss becoming a Big Biller call me as a first step. My phone number is 972-612-8425 and I’m located in the Dallas area. It all starts with a phone call.

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